Project Description



Micro blading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure whereby hair like incision strokes are created along the eyebrow to attempt to either enhance, reshape or create a natural looking appearance on the brows. Over time the strokes can blur and fade and will need to be refreshed. Treatment takes 90- 120 minutes.


  • Natural Looking enhancement.

  • Long lasting.

  • Great solution for clients lost Eyebrow hairs due to Alopecia, Chemotherapy, illness or other factors.

  • Doesn’t smudge or wipe off like Make-up filled eyebrows.

  • Minimal maintenance.

Side effects?

  • Red & swollen skin directly after treatment.

  • Eyebrows will be dark looking for the first week, before colour starts to fade.

  • Possible allergic reaction toward pigment or local aneasthetic.


  • Under 18

  • Diabetes

  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding

  • Glaucoma or taking blood thinning medicines (e.g., aspirin, warfarin)

  • Psoriasis or Eczema

  • HIV or Hepatitis

  • Haemophilia

  • Healing disorders or uncontrolled High Blood Pressure

  • Any skin medication such as Accutane or steroids

  • Active skin cancer

  • Undergoing Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy

  • Epilepsy

  • Pacemaker or Major Heart Problems

  • Botox or Fillers in the past month

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