Junior Lash & Brow Technician – Durban

Our Junior Lash and Brow technician, who is ever ready to learn and develop her technique. Her personality is driven by hunger and dedication, she always gives 100% at her job and has a high success rate with all her clients, gaining her experience daily in the beauty industry she strives to give her best with everything she does. Fanele aims to be the best and is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Watch the space…


Branch Manager – Durban

Nabila is passionate and driven and has obtained over 8years of experience within a management role.her favourite thing about working within the beauty industry is how it constantly evolves and there is always ample opportunity to learn and grow.nabila has always admired other people equated with similar roles and responsibilities within the beauty industry, hard work and perserverance is key.

Building a reputation for always delivering on the job and taking pride on giving the best customer service along with team building and motivating. Her always approachable, jovial nature always allows her to make a success of her job.



Branch Manager – JHB

Refilwe is our Senior Lash, Brow & Micro-blading artist. She has been in the “Brow Game” for 8 years. She had intensive training and we can proudly say that she has seen every single brow shape and brow trend that developed in the last decade, and she can confidently fix any brow mistake. Clients love her caring and friendly nature! Her passion and knowledge make her a fantastic team leader , mentor and trainer. Her Micro-blading work is pure artistry, therefor we call her our “Brow Picasso”. 


Senior Lash & Brow Technician – JHB

Shalleece is not only one of our Senior Lash & Brow technicians, but also a phenomenal Make Up Artist, an aspiring Fashion Designer, and a soon to be Micro-Blading guru. Her main focus and goal is to achieve the perfect Brow Arch for every single client. Being a Make-up artist and a Fashion designer, there is no doubt that she knows the newest trends! She has a fire within her soul and her constant drive is something to be admired. She is always smiling and her spunky personality brings a pleasant vibe to Brow Architect.


Senior Lash & Brow Technician – JHB

Chelsea has been doing Brows and Lashes for the past 3 years. After developing interest in the Beauty Industry at a very young age, she started doing her training in the Lashes and Brow section. After finishing all her trainings, she flourished making her one of the best within this field. She always takes great pride in her work and determine to constantly update her skills, and ensures her knowledge is up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques available. Her number one goal is to meet her client’s personal requirements and make every experience a memorable one. Making her a client favourite for sure!


Senior Lash & Brow Technician – JHB

Tasneem used to be one of our Brow Babies we started to groom and teach from a very young age. Her willingness to learn and fast learning abilities made it a breeze for her to advance to become a very successful Brow & Lash technician. She has gained a lot of personal experience within the industry the last 3 years. Her skill & flare to create the perfect Brow Arch has stunned even the highest trained Brow Artist. Tasneem is still very young and we are excited to see what her passion, determination and skills bring to the table next.


Senior Lash & Brow Technician – JHB

Chantelle is a young, driven &  passionate Lash & Brow technician. Chantelle has completed her courses in the following fields:  Threading, Tinting, Lash lifts, Express lash extensions, Classic lash extensions, Volume lash extensions and is currently working her way through a Micro-Blading course and will soon add that to her expertise. Chantelle makes her clients feel confident and rekindle their “self-love”  by enhancing their features and brining out the beauty that lies in within everyone.. Her friendly personality makes her a “fan favourite” among our clients. (pun absolutely intended!)


Junior Lash & Brow Technician – JHB

Annenicke is one of Brow Architect’s “Brow Babies”. Her hunger for experience and knowledge is contagious. She strives to be one of the best in our field and works extremely hard to complete all her Brow & Lash courses alongside studying towards a Beauty Therapist Diploma. She has what it takes to succeed and we look forward seeing what she has up her sleeve. Watch this space!


Junior Lash & Brow Technician – JHB

Bianca is another member of our “Brow Babies” we are busy coaching. Devoting her time to practise non-stop and further developing her skills is what makes her stand out. She loves working with people and her spontaneous personality is exactly what her clients love about her. Her curiosity to learn more aspects within the beauty industry inspired her to enrol and study and hope to graduate soon as a qualified Beauty Therapist soon. Once again we can say we look forward to see what this young lady has in store. Watch this space!


Junior Lash & Brow Technician – JHB

Stacey – Lee is a qualified Lash Expert and another member of our “Brow Babies”.

She is optimistic and diligent in the tasks bestowed upon her and does them to the best of her capabilities. She is passionate about keeping up with trends in the beauty field.

Devoting her time to tying the strings to her Beauty Therapist Diploma. Her ebullient and meticulous personality is what clients love about her , we look forward to seeing what the Beauty Industry will bring out of this young lady. Watch this space.



National Manager

Bianca’s passion and drive is something to be admired. She is one of the youngest members in our Business Family, but her skill and knowledge are the factors which makes her the phenomenal National Manager that she is. Dedicating all her time to research, grow and develop the brand is what sets Brow Architect above the rest. Her caring and friendly personality is what we all seek for our daily energy boost.

Bianca has over 4 years-experience within the Beauty Industry and has compiled extensive knowledge in all aspects of our industry to create a fantastic Team Leader and Mentor. She started her career from being a Personal Assistant, Receptionist,  Beauty – Aesthetic, Lash & Brow Therapist, Account Management, HR Management and now we are fortunate to have her as our “Super Woman”.

We believe that your #ONFLEEK Eyebrows and Eyelash starts right here!